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Thread: no experience!

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    no experience!

    want to experienec what you are all talking about, however i cannot until simeone points me in the right direction!i realize this is no newbie board,but i just wanna get BIG! research research research!READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL! im learning alot here at ar we can all benefit from you guys!thx

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    Welcome to AR...

    This is your first step in the right direction...stick around and absorb everything. You won't regret it.

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    Welcome to AR!!

    Well this is sorta a newbie board, no one was more green than me when i posted my first message.

    The search tool is the best thing you can use. And if you cannot find the answer there then by all means ask!

    You will love it here, no flames allowed which is very nice.

    When you post, make sure to include your stats and our members can help you the most. height,weight,body fat and workout routine.

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