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    Fina ED or EOD ????????Please Debate this topic

    What do you think is better ?? fina every day or every other. but if i only have a 20cc bottle of Ttokkyo lab fina it will last me just over 5 weeks @ eod , if i do it every day then it will only last me 3 weeks,
    what would be better ? im also doing sus 500mgs , Eq 600mgs winny 50 mgs eod last 7 weeks ,
    is there really a difference ed vs eod ? i was wondering if i should go with ed for the first 3 weeks to kick start , im just confused. Help ??

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    everyday is better but if you only have one 20ml bottle you will get ok gains from eod shots and thats what I would do (accutally I would get another bottle before I started and go the 40 days with ed shots...but thats me...)

    But just for the hell of it y dont you give us some stats so we know who we are working with. That advice only aplies if you have done the research and are over 20 years old, other wise you have some waiting to do!

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    Why not shoot 1/2cc ed to assess (sp) your tolerance to tren ?

    That will make it last for 40 days...or almost 6 weeks.

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