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    Lightbulb cycle recomendations

    Hello, I was looking for some cycle recomendations for my first cycle.
    I'm 22, 5 '11 @ 165 lbs. 8% Bodyfat. I'm looking to gain some size and not hold too much water.

    I have 10 cc's of test 200
    20 cc's of deca 300

    What do you guys think would be best?

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    I wish it was the other way around and you had 20cc of test 200 and 10cc of deca 300. If I were you, I'd run:

    wk1-10: Test 400mg, Deca 300mg--biweekly shots
    Nolva on hand.
    Clomid starts 21 days after last shot.
    300mg day 1/ 100mg 10 days/ 50mg 10 days

    Make sure you got diet, training, and rest down pat before starting a cycle. You only have one 'virgin' cycle. Make it count, it's always your best.

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    No offense but being t-200 its probably either tornells or brovel which means they are defintly underdose and be lucky to get 8ccs out of one so either get 1 more bottle or run it 8weeks at 400 and deca at 400mg/week

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