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Thread: Eq HELP!

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    May 2002

    Eq HELP!

    I am taking 400mg of EQ a week.
    I am a little soft in the ab area.
    What do you recommend doing for a decent
    six pack. By which week should i start to see some
    tightening in my abs?
    Somebody please help!

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    That would be left best to diet and training, but being that you can't spot train there goes that one. 6 pax are mostly diet, and this is stricly JMO.

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    saltrain is offline New Member
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    May 2002

    spot train

    what is spot train?

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    Cardio+diet+Ab work biweekly=Abs

    All must be in perfect order, or results will suffer. EQ will not give you a six pack. .YOU will give you a six pack. (Provided you work hard)

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    Diet is the most important factor. Check out the Diet Forum for some good ideas of what to do.

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    You want abs?...get up in the morning Take a thermogenic and coffee and do 25-40 minutes of cardio. AB training should consist of a mix of high rep and low rep exercises...check out the training forum. Abs function to shorten the distance between pelvis and ribcage. Find exercises that do this and hit them till you want to piss your pants or pass out. One hour after you finish in the gym(am session) have a balanced meal with lots of protein. Also remember you should be eating to fuel your body not satisfy appetite. Many small meals throughout the day means better nutrient utlilization and higher BMR. Don't forget lots of H20. Give it 3-4 weeks and you will wake up one morning and they will be poppin out at you.

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