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    Dec 2001

    Has anyone taken ** 50 mg dbol

    I was just curious cause i love the winnys but never heard anything about the dbols and was considering the 50 mg dbol in my next cycle Im wanting to do. Please give me input about the dbols from **

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    Jun 2002
    they sucked ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stick to thai or russian!

    the ** had nce strength gains...but weight blew

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    G-S Guest
    Contrary, I loved them. And, am using them again.

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    REM is offline Member
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    Oct 2001
    me too i love D-bol, next cycle or maybe i just
    throw D-bol during the cycle fuck it, i did 25mged
    after 2.5 wks gained 8lbs good stuff will do it
    again and again...

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    May 2002
    costa rica
    im on them now bro and there ok. i have been on them for 25 days at 50mgs a day and im up 9lbs. i am on his cyp to at 500mgs a week. started week 4 monday. this is the first time i have done dbol so i cant compare to anything. i will get some thais next time though or russians or pronos. i hear your supposed to retain water and gain weight quick on dbol. not i. i slowly gained 9lbs but i have been eating alot and working out alot so who knows how much is from the dbol. anyways will try another brand next time.

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    I tried 50mgs a day and had virtually no results when I cycled them the first 4 wks of my d-bol eq cycle. But my friend who also did the same thing gained about 15 lbs those first 4 wks and gained alot of strenght. They were in 2 seperate shipments. I also got his arimidex and the pills looked exactley the same, I think I might have only recieved arimidex but I'm not sure.

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    Loved em!!! Bought more...gained size and strength fast...pumps were unreal. I also ordered for 3 friends who have similar experiences.

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