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Thread: straight EQ

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    straight EQ

    I want to hear of peoples results with a
    straight EQ cycle and nothing else.

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    bump i would like 2know my self???

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    What's up fellas. I did a cycle of EQ only about 1 year ago. I wasn't too satisfied with it. I expected a little bit more. It just seems like EQ is better with test. I'll let you know when I'm done with my current cycle. I just posted my experience with eq in a different thread. Here's a copy of my post:

    I've been training natural for a few years. Last year I decided to try some EQ by itself. I did 8 weeks / 400mg per week. It took me until about the 6th week until I noticed anything. I was already pretty lean to begin with, but the EQ made me even more ripped, vascular, and hard as hell. I was always hungry. I ate a lot and often. I'm lucky if I gained 5 lbs from it. But I did keep the gains. I had no sides at all, so as far as sides are concerned, it was good to me. If that is what you're looking for, then go for it, but If you're looking for more size, then I would suggest to add test. I personally would have liked to see some more gains from it. Anyway, I just started week 2 of an EQ/Sust cycle. I'm running Sust/250mg every 5 days and EQ/400mg per week. This is my first cycle with test, so I'll see how my body reacts to it.

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