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    Tren Ace most gains seen in how many weeks?

    I thought I saw on some thread but I can't find it that with Tren Ace you get the majority of your gains in the first 5 to 6 weeks.

    Is that true or do you get signifcantly more gains the remaining two weeks?

    I just wanted to ask those who experienced tren.
    I love the gains and they have been truly amazing for me.

    The sides though, I am fed up with them.

    When I have done any other AAS I have never had trouble sleeping or thinking clearly etc...

    When I do just test I just feel awesome but my muscle gains are not in the same league.

    What has been your experience in turns of when you hit a plateau with Tren Ace?

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    yeah thats me in avvy
    Every one is diffeent bro...tren is great for me and no sides...however my blood work comes back fukked up...but i sleep fine and no have to find what works for you.

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    So far no insominia and tren cough for me.. But i get night sweats which arn't even that bad..

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    I may as well go swiming i sweat so bad I sometimes sweat 3 spots. Wife has a beach blanket for me when i mess up and sleep forget it but i just take some sleeping pills. I like tren I just deal with sides I have had worse like injection pain from other stuff thats my limit i hate the pain.

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    excellent answer but not exactly what I was wanting to know.

    Obviously it is great for building muscle I can swear to that.
    As you said different people respond differently.

    I have gone from a 18 inch bicep to a hard 19 inch bicep and I am very happy about it.

    My main question is when you do tren or have known others who do it
    when do most of your gains max out during your cycle or do they max out?

    Just your personal experience is what I would like to know.

    If it is 8 weeks great. If it is 5 weeks even better for me.

    I have gone 5 1/2 weeks and my gains are amazing.
    I still have a few weeks left with my test eth

    Somewhere on this forum I thought I read that 5 to 6 weeks with tren most people max it out. If this is so that is great because that is where I am.

    If the gains keep coming in proportion to the time on that is to bad for me
    because i am going to have to cut the party short.

    So that was my question in a nutshell

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    i see gains up until finishing 8 wks..they dont come as fast as they did in the start of the cycle, but i still see them

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    Hey Tbol, What kind of sides do you get? Didn't it mess with your heart awhile back? I think I remember you talking about it. I'm on Tren E right now,
    2nd week, and I've got insomnia, some acne starting on my chest and neck, and my mouth feels weird all the time-like I'm chewing on tinfoil.
    But my appetite is insane already and my strength is climbing. I just don't want it to mess with my heart, that shit's scary.

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    how fast do you react to tren ace. that will have a lot to do w/ it. I notice results by the end of the first week and for me, 6 weeks is how long I run. gains start to taper for me after that

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    yeah the gains are crazy. Yeah I am not trying to discourage anyone from trying tren because I am 39 and I am not you.

    Yeah It has messed with blood pressure and I made me feel some jumping in my chest.

    I have tried to stay on it because I get the biggest pumps ever.
    But it is getting to where it has effected how I work on the job and
    all day today it hurt to piss even though I drink two gallons a day of water.

    Plus I have to piss like 10 times a day. That is embarrasing when your co-worker see you hitting the bathroom every 30 minutes.

    So today I decided it is not worth two more weeks of taking sleeping pills and Having my heart race etc..

    The only reason that it was tough quitting is because I have put on more muscle then all the years of natural training I ever did. Maybe ,just maybe if I trained for a year very hard and ate great I might have done the same.

    However I did this in less than 6 weeks and that was cool!

    I am going to do two more weeks of the Test eth and that will be 8 weeks and I think I will get off and do PCT 2 weeks later.

    I may even find some hcg since my balls totally shrunk from their previous size. I had a deep voice before and now my voice is really low which is cool with me. I have arimadex which has held my gyno back and I will pct with nolva clomid and maybe hcg before.

    The key for me is to maintain what I gained and not slack off.
    If I do that then I will have screwed up really bad.

    As long as I maintain 80 to 90 % of what I gained I will be happy.

    I am happy with my gains and as long as I do not have any permanent problems I will not regret any of this.

    However the last two weeks and it is the tren not the test I know for sure.
    I have been having major sides so.. I feel like I have plateued the last two weeks anyway But I am happy with my look and so are some of the ladies so
    For my goals which have nothing to do with bodybuilding competitively
    I look 10 times better than I did.

    I lost so much fat. I can see big thick veins in my bicep when I do curls
    That has never happened. I could not even see my veins before.

    When I got on this stuff my blood pressure was 120 over 70 which is good and I was 6'2 250 to start which is almost what I weigh now except I am more muscle, a lot leaner and weight 255.

    I am going to wait 3 months to get blood work because I do not want to get discouraged and see my blood work one month out of my cycle.

    I would never preach, everyone should make their own choice.
    I listen to my body (not well enough but when I start feeling unhealthy I change what I am doing, that applies to lifting, dating, or using gear.

    I am glad to hear at 6 weeks others have gotten the majority of their gains.

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