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Thread: d-bol comment

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    d-bol comment

    i was reading an article at the book store the other day in a popular fitness mag, and it said that the original dinabol has been discontinued for years now and that the mexican version ,and they specifically refrenced a test done on the ttokkyo company said that the 10 mg pills contained less than 2mg thats insane i just wanted to hear what brands were most popular and gave good effect? thanks answers are appriciated

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    jersey juice is offline Member
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    Nov 2001
    thai anabol by british dispensary IMO is the best out there

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    BigPete is offline Associate Member
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    I will tell you what nothing beats the 5mg Dianabol ! I think the 10mg by ttokkyo are JUNK! I will never touch anything but the 5mg's again!

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