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    Questions Questions

    I have a few questions...First of in the middle of my cycle and Im wondering how many days should I rest a muscle group before I work it again? Im looking to bulk up and I want to make sure im not waiting to long to hit my muscles again. And im on my 4th week and im taking 400mg deca and 500 sus and i keep hearing that the deca and sus will really kick in about this time. What does that mean? more strength? will I feel stronger? what? Also im thinkin on adding some Winny's to my cycle even though im in the weeks 7-12...what do you think? I think thats about it. thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to AR...

    What are your stats and goals with this cycle? Do you have clomid for post-cycle?

    Your body has been adjusting to the AS in the past three weeks and around the 4th week your body will be responding with incredible efficiency to the AS. This is what we mean when we say "kicking in".

    Oh yeah...the search button is like a pot of gold...and you wouldn't want to miss out on a pot of gold would you

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    Adding winni to the end of a cycle will help you to get a more hardened muscular if that's what you are going for then i'd say go for it! IMO...i would run Winni weeks 8-13 (assuming you are running deca /sus for 10 weeks) that way you can start clomid 8-12 hours after your last winni intake. Also IMO use winni at 50mg/ED....because its half life is short ED would be a bit better usage. Don't forget to take liver protectants if you decide to run winni.

    Good your results so far

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