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    Post POLL - RESULTS - Everybody PLZ contribute

    Hey guys, I am doing a research on Steriod use and how it affects bodybuilders and newbies

    Can you please describe your stats (age, height, weight, bodyfat, years in Bbuilding) before and after your cycles. Could you also tell me which cycles you did, what sort of gains you saw and what side effects you had, what type of diet you were on and how if affected you one or two months after finishing your cycle. What AS in your opinion is the best?

    All information greatly appreciated

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    21, 5'10, 225lbs, 11%, 1 year BBing, three cycles

    dbol /enathate 10lbs + lost lots of bf

    anadrol /fina/propinate +25lbs

    clen /t3/enanthate /fina/winny/deca /eq/clomid/nolvadex /arimidex currrently up 16 lbs

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