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    Already started can i add this

    K I started three weeks ago and its my first cycle of test. and now i want to add some in to stack with what should i do , i have seen some good gains already with what i have takin in just three weeks. What do u think of this sort of cycle. ANd all ur opinions needed , and where im form this stuff is not cheap thats why i have only picked up ten ml bottles ,
    Thanx Bros

    Hey man what do u think of this, after my 3 week on to my fourth week.

    week 1 - 1 ml test
    week 2 - 1 ml test
    week 3 - 2 ml test
    week 4 - 1 drol a day - 1 ml test - 1 ml deca
    week 5 - 1 drol a day - 1 ml test - 1 ml deca
    week 6 - 1 drol a day - 2 ml test - 1 ml deca
    week 7 - 1 drol a day - 2 ml test - 1 ml deca
    week 8 - 2 ml deca
    week 9 - 2 ml deca
    week 10 - 2 ml deca
    week 11 - clenbuterol pump syrop for the following couple weeks.

    Thanx Bro

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    Once you've made a plan stick to it. Don't go changing things mid-cycle. Just learn from this cycle, take whatever gains you get, and do plan out a better one next time.

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    I say go for seems to work out good...

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    I don't see a problem with it. I'm not sure how much good the deca with do you but the drol will help...I'd go for it.

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