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    Question Need diet help!!

    im taking my first cycle of deca /winstorl/anavar clomid post
    im looking to lose alot of bodyfat and beef up and get cut, im about 250 with about 17% bodyfat. my supplier got busted and thats all i got from him. what would be a good diet to cut up . i will be waking up around12 and going to gym. if you could set me up with a good diet that would help

    thanx broz

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    whats your training going to look like? how much cardio? i think about 45min to an hour eod would be optimal...take some eca or t3 or clen with the cycle far as diet, 250 and 17% isn't all that bad, but taking deca to cut up is kinda pointless. for deca to work properly you need to have an excess of calories (more than enough), and if you're dieting you want less than enough (to lose bf), so you're kinda defeating the purpose of deca while dieting. nonetheless, if thats what you choose try to get around 2700-3000 calories a day, if that doesn't work for a week or so, drop down to 2500, really you gotta find what works best for you, those are just some suggestions...


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    i was supposed to be getting clen and t3 with it but my source got arrested and thats he left me with....i was going to take hydroxycut and or xenadrine so what should id o

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