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    test suspension\eq cycle

    Hey guys i am thinking about taking a cycle with test suspension and eq this is what it would look like

    wk 1-6 test suspension 100mg eod
    wk4-12 eq 400mg
    I am going ot use arimidex during the suspension to keep estrogen down and clomids after three weeks after eq

    The reason i am taking eq after is to try keep most of the gains i got from the test. I have read this is very affective for steroids like anadrol and test suspension where keeping gains is very hard. So i would like to know what u guys think and what u experiences u have had with test suspension. gains in mass and strength,sides, kept gains????????

    thanks guys

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    I think you'd be better running the Eq all the way through at 600mgs (if you can afford it) and throw in some winny 50mgs ed wks 6-12. Just my 2 cents. Any one else??

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    yah i think you should run the eq for 12 weeks also, and the clomid during the cycle isn't really necessary. winny is also a good idea, im doing something similar in september. eq 600mg for 12 weeks, dbol 35 mg ed for 5 weeks, and sust @600mg for 12 weeks, winny @ 50mg ed for weeks 8-15, then clomid post therapy. good luck


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    how many cycles do you have under your belt? If you have only done a few I woud just run the test and EQ together wks 1-10 EQ 400mgs EW sus 500mgs EW i dont see the need to run them 12 weeks. and like the other bro's suggested i would throw in some winny in weeks 7-12 at 50mgs ED and start clomid week 13. JMO.

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