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    Question Proviron or Arimedex w/ this cylcle

    Thinking about 12 week cycle of:
    Dbol 1-4 @ 25 mg ed
    Sust 1-10 @ 500mg
    Deca 1-10 @ 400
    Winny 8-12 @ 50mg ed

    I have a problem with water retention with and bloating especially in my face that is very noticeable. I am going to be begin working with a new firm in the fall and would like to keep these side effects to a minimum (if possible). Because of this Im not worried about the "bang for the buck" principle behind the proviron . I also understand that what works for me might not be the same as others but advice would be helpful. I am simply looking to gain muscle mass without the excess water. Is using both totally useless?
    Cutting will come later although I am thinking about throwing in some Clen or T3 to try to get rid of a beer gut.

    Second cycle, 5-11, 185.
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    Well some go with Proviron and some go with Arimidex ....its really a matter of preference Proviron will help to increase your libido, but with Sus that shouldn't be a problem. If you go with proviron...IMO 50mg/ed should be sufficient to keep the bloat to a minimum. As for arimidex....IMO go with .25mg ED and if this doesn't keep the bloat down then up to .5mg and so on

    I wouldn't run both of them..just pick one. There is also a fairly new aromatase inhibitor called Letrozole (femara). Those come in a 2.5mg tab and if you decide (or find them) then dose it at 1.25mg (half tab) EOD and if that isn't enough then up the dose to 2.5mg EOD. Letrozole is said to be a bit more superior to arimidex because it will raise the IGF-1 levels and armidex actually lowers them.

    Hope this helps you out!

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