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    xenadrine,hydroxicut vs ECA stack..your experimented help please

    are this fat burner as good as an ECA stack ?
    which one would you use ? xenadrine or hydroxicut ?
    what dosages ??

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    New York
    I say go with NYC stack. I have had much better results w/ less jitters and shakes. Of those 2 though I would say Xenadrine. Its cheaper, works better and you take 4 pills instead of 6. Hope this helps.

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    RaginCajun7 is offline New Member
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    I personally perfer hydroxcut but that's my opinion. I found that xenadrine didn't do shit for me when i was burning fat. It may be more pills to take but oh well. For ex. I dropped just 5 lbs. on xen and 30 lbs on hydroxcut.

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    eca is better than any but i like to do hydroxy for awhile then xenadrine for awhile then go to ripped fuel or back to hydroxy

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    Intresting.... I began my venture on Jan 1 taking nothing but Xeni, 6 tabs a day. Between that and cardio dropped an incredible amount of wieght. Then I switched to Vivarin, Ephedrine, and Asperin and still had SOME effect but NOTHGING like the Xeni. I've gone back to Xeni. Now, in my case there are two many variables to say Xeni rocks and others suck because in march I started my real cycle, then added Clen , then did a run with T3 (which I'll never bother with again, I only droped 3 lbs on it and I think Xeni it better than T3, IMO).

    I think I may pick up some hydroxycut for shits and grins and give it a whirl. I started Jan 1 at mid 230lbs or so, I'm at 177lbs today with a great deal more muscle mass than before.


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