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    Question Beginners cycle ? is it oke ?

    Oke did some research and made the next

    I only did in the past some pills very light, sounds unbelievable maybe for 17 years of training(with so now and then a pause period of non training)but I went well the "natural" way. So now I've done some research and reading and would like the opinion from "experienced" users if the following cycle is worth trying or maybe worthless.

    Some info : age 40 jaar (oops) - 17 years training 103kg - 18% fat (oops) - 6'3" - legs 27.5 inch - arms 17.5 inch - waist 38.5 inch (oops).

    Week 1-5 Russ. Dianabol 25-30 mg ED
    Week 1-8 Sustanon 250 every 5th day
    Week 11-12 Clomid
    Nolvadex background just in case.

    I understand that tapering is OUT ? so no sense to upper the d-bol every week but stay on 25-30 mg a week.

    Maybe this cycle is to low in dosage but I've not the slightest idea how the body reacts.

    From week 9 I want 8-10 weeks on a Clenbuterol Xenadrine cycle 2weeks/2weeks to lower the fat and harden the look. Of course with cardio and clean food.

    During the AS cycle I'll eat just LOTS OF GOOD FOOD and PROTEINS.

    It's quite a story but I want to put in on paper with max. info, sorry.

    Oke kind regards Smalluser (Perry) and sorry for my bad English but I'll hope you understand.

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    Looks good, i'd run the sus 500mg/week. So 250mg every sun and wed or mon and thrus or tues and fri or wed and sat you get the picture

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    I'd do a cutting cycle bro at 18% body fat, no flame but it would suit you better


    eq 400mgs/week (1-10)
    prop 100mgs EOD (1-10)
    winstrol 50mgs ED (7-13)
    liquidex .5 ED

    also maybe add some fina?

    maybe clen post cycle

    you may want to add t3, but thats more advanced.

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    Thumbs up THANKS

    Thanks bro's for reply, I do a clen /eca 10 weeks cycle after the AS cycle Iron Horse. Oke maybe next time I try "your" cycle. But the cycle I post is a "beginners try worth" ?

    @Full Intensity if I do the 500 sust a week how many weeks take it ??

    Kind regards Smalluser

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