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Thread: Vet vs Human

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    Question Vet vs Human

    Ok I have something for everyone to think about. Back in the day when Arnold was the man there were no Vet steroids it was all human stuff like 50mg/ml Deca ,100mg/ml tests,and 5mg d's. How can Vets make a 200-400mg/ml tests and 10 and 25mg dbol 's but companys like UpJohn can't make it or don't make it? I am just wondering why there is no human steroids with a high mg. like the Vets have? If Vets can make why can't humans make it?

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    we can make it. there's human grade test at 250mgs/ml

    dbol 's average dose was probably 5mgs because that was the commen amount given for the problem someone had/has.

    human grade deca 100mgs/ml

    its not that they can't its that horses/cows need high doses since they weigh much more then us.

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    There is human grade sust at 250mg/ml. Uh, can't think of much else off the top of my head but I'm sure there is higher concentrated human gear.

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    testoviron 250

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    You have to look at it like this. Up until 1996 scientist couldn't even prove that AS effected muscle growth, yet athletes have known this for 30-40 years, the problem was scientist were using doses that were too low and therefore counterproductive because they were administering enough to shut down natural test production but not enough to effect muscle growth in a positive way.

    My point being if there is no medical use for higher doses due to lack of research or bad research why would a company produce a high concenration AS?
    Also AS is a very controversial subject in the medical world look a anti-aging medicine and the debate over HRT. Some would argue that a concentrated AS would be solely for the illeagal use of athletes.


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