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    Thumbs up SUS & EQ!!! Need help on dosages??

    Going to start a cycle in a couple of weeks. I am going to be going down to mx once a week. I want to do 9 wks of sus and 12 wks of eq. I want to gain about 15-25lbs on this cycle. I know nutrition is impt. just worried about the dosages. I am 5' 10" 215 19%bf. Have done 2-3cycles but never really finished them and did them right. So what should i do for dosages.

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    Before you start a cycle make sure you have everything planned out. That includes AS, anti-e's, dosages, starting and ending dates, nutritional intake, then stick with the plan. No use doing a cycle and not completing it. As far as your question goes.

    10 weeks sust at 500mg weekly
    10 weeks EQ at 400mg weekly
    4 weeks of d bol at 40mg daily for the first 4 weeks to get things started

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    kahuna, good call. follow his advice. why would you ever start a cycle if you weren't sure about it? if someone could post him those 15 rules before starting a cycle that'd be great, i cant find em and i dont feel like typing them out. you just need to read more, no flame here, but dont be lazy...if your serious about your fitness then be serious about what your doing


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