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Thread: Egg Beaters!

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    Egg Beaters!

    This doesn't have anything to do with steroids but i just thought i would share, bodybuilding is half eating anyhow.

    I noticed that "Egg Beaters", u know the fat free eggs in a carton, have 24 g of Protein per cup!! i think 1 single carb. So i said fuck it and drank it. And it actually kinda tastes like milk (its cold....and in a carton, so my mind thinks milk). Its the easiest 24 g i ever got!

    who knows, i like it though.

    u guys think this is safe? They are pasturized so i figure its cool

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    no, not safe. or at least i read it wasn't. it says right on the carton do not drink, lol.


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    Land of milk and honey.
    It is a grea product. This is from their website.

    "Myth #6: You have to be careful handling egg alternatives, the same way you do whole eggs.
    FACT: Unlike traditional whole eggs, all egg alternative products are pasteurized, eliminating the threat of serious illness or death by salmonella poisoning. This means people can safely eat Caesar salad dressing, protein shakes or other foods that traditionally contain uncooked eggs, which would otherwise increase their risk of exposure to dangerous salmonella bacteria. "

    Says its safe to put in protien drinks and other uncooked applications. I am a little leary of doing that myself but from what they say they think it is ok.

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    I have been drinking them for 4 years with no complications.....they taste like liquid cardboard to me though....but yeah IMO it is safe.

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    that is a better way of discribing the taste....

    thanks all

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