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    how does this sound for my first cycle

    i am 20 years old, please don't tell me i am too young for a cycle because i already made up my mind. i have been lifting since i was 14 and have went from 110lbs to 200lbs at 5% or 6% in that time naturally. i am 5'11". i will include a photo at 190lbs since it is the most recent one i have since i only have a scanner not a dig camera. here is the cycle i was thinking of: test enan 500mg a week for 12 weeks and eq at 400mg a week for 12 weeks. i chose those 2 because i want to keep the cuts but still gain some good mass. do you guys think these doses are sufficient or should i go with 750mg of test? i was going to get some winny too but my source doesn't have it right now. any help would be greatly appreciated. peace.
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    you're too young.........j/k - you're call

    pretty ripped up for a 20 year old. basically just lookin for some good mass results from a cycle, eh ? the one you've got sounds decent, although i wouldn't run it for 12 weeks - back off and run it 10

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    oh, so i'm too young huh? well F*CK YOU. just kidding bro. thanks, whats the reason why i should only run it for 10 instead of 12? the reason i ask is that i heard eq works sh*tty at first but starts to pick up in the later part of the cycle. should i stick with the test at 500mg or go for 750mg? anyone else feel free to give their opinion as well. peace.

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    for your first i would just do 10 weeks eventhough ur running long acting esters and eq specialy should be run 10 -12 its your call really,500 mgs test and 400 eq is good and to tell u the truth id go with 400 and 400,its your first ur receptores are fresh ,low dose is good ,see how your body react to it.u have plenty of time to go up bro ,when the dose stops working for u then u up it a little,oh and dont say im just gonna do one and thats it ok?dont even kid your self.u got any question bro shoot me a pm ,good luck.

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    Hey Lifter405 mate...

    Your looking good bro... I can remember some pictures you posted quite some time ago of you and your brother... you both look damn good...

    If I can recall properly you were the one thinking of doing AS.. and your bro said he would never touch the stuff???

    Your not far of 21 mate so if you are gonna juice and you do it smart, then you should be fine to go mate... (I am the same age as you)

    You are right about Eq taking quite a long time to kick in.. (between 3 and 5 weeks depending on the person).. but running it for 10 should definatly be long enough if its your first time, you definatly dont want to run it for less than 10 like so guys seem to do (usually because they say they cant afford to do it longer ).. but its really only the experienced juicers that need to run it for 12 weeks mate, so I would drop it 10 like previously suggested...

    The test I would leave the same also mate, between 400-500...

    Have you looked at the other types of test mate?? (this is not me trying to change ur mind mate)... But if you looking at trying to keep your cuts, then maybe your more interested in a Test with less risk of water retention? Test Prop and Sustanon would be the alternatives... (although Test Prop requires ed or eod injections, Sustanon doesn't)..

    One other advantage of Prop and Sustanon mate is that they are fast acting, so you start noticing strengh and gains from day 1... (as you are not using Dbol or anything to start your cycle off)... Because currently with your Test Enan and Eq .. you wont really notice a thing till week 4 when they finally kick in.. (which in not a huge deal, but it somtimes helps with motivation etc..)...

    Those are just a couple of suggestions mate, definatly do with what YOU think is best though..

    Good Luck with it mate..


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    I agree with Big N, since this is your first cycle and the first time you will be getting some test in you, it will be awesome for you. 500mg is actually more than enough IMO especially since you'll be taking 400mg of eq with it. It's your call bro but I would say 400 and 400 for 10wks would do more than you could imagine as long as you keep a strict diet and train like an animal. Good luck with the cycle.

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    yah you look real good, but i thin your taking too much for first cycle. imo, use 1 thing. save your receptors and stacked cycles for later when certain things dont work as well anymore. i used sust250 @ 250mg for 12 weeks on my first cycle and gained nearly 40lbs. so just run the enant @ 400 or something, good luck


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