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    done with cycle and power is getting bigger????

    Hey all i have a question.. I don't understand this or maybe its normal.

    Ok I finished my dbol /sus cycle. now i finished 2 weeks ago, and for some strange reason my power is getting bigger and bigger. Ok when i finished juicing i was 155lb. that was my max weight. now i'm 153lb. I mean i went down but i'm maintaing. But like before my max dumbell incline was 80lb 3 times, and today i just did it 5 times with no help. And i curled 90lb on the ez bar for 5 times. before it was more like 2 times.

    Will this go down when i start the Clomid in 2 day's? Or what? And when does someone know if they lost most of their gains or not? LIke if you loos 5lb and start clomid is that practically all you lost in your cycle?


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    you've got to remember that Sus is also still in your system, pretty much at it's peak right now. you'll begin to feel weaker in a few weeks, just normal. just try to maintain a healthy diet and lifting regimen and that'll keep you up as best it can.

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    right on KM, 2 weeks, shit i remain strong for 4-6 weeks after. it'll all be downhill pretty soon, get your stuff together diet, sleep, training and you should maintain fairly well, good luck

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