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    Smile Review my cycle and tell me your thoughts

    Aight guys this is my first cycle, i was thinkin about starting a few months ago but instead of that i reviewd more and trained natural for a little longer, it sure paid off my bench and everything went up and my overall size. but now i feel its time after training for about almost a year and a 1/2. here is a cycle i hope i can get by with please tell me if you think it will do me good, im lookin to add 20-30pounds of lean muscle.

    btw i weigh 155, and im 5' 9''

    weeks 1-4 Ttokkyo D-bol 30mg/day
    weeks 1-10 Ttokkyo Boldenon-200 200mg/week
    weeks 1-10 Brovel T-200 200mg/week

    post cycle

    clomid 300Mg/day 1 then
    100mg/ed for a week
    then 50mg/ed for the seond week
    and Nolvadex on hand

    welp tell me what you think guys if i can get away with some good gains with those low dosages i was gonna do 400mg/week with the eq and test but my funds are low rite now wondering since its the first time if i can slide away with the same gains...



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    bit heavy for a 1st cycle, im a preacher of saving yourself for later cycles for stacking but whatever, you probably got your mind made up. imo though, youd be fine on eq @ 400-600mg a week or test @ the same mg/week, dbol should be saved for later due to the sides, but its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. if you incist on stacking, take the test and eq, leave the dbol out. good luck


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    so i should up the dosage on the eq and test to 400? or leave it at 200 cuz im wanting to know since its my first cycle if 200 will still benifit me or should i go with 400 and im gonna stack with dbol beacuse i want the boost and ive heard more good then bad about it and ill be taking liver protectants...

    tell me what ya think

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    I think those dosages are too low personally. Up the test and EQ to at least 400 mg a week. I hope you enjoy your first cycle remember it is the only one you get so make the most out of it. Let us know the results.

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    hey bro
    the dbol looks good but i'd up test and eq to 400mg per week each like rickson said

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    Like these guys said...wait on the cycle till you can up the dosages of eq and test to 400mg.

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    Shit bro how many times do I hear this, I have been training a year and a half, your 155LBS at 5.9, how old are you bro, you have a while to wait before you need gear, look at your diet and training.

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