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    Question Deca and what ??

    I have Deca , EQ and can get most Tests, Anadrol ,Sus,Win Tabs,Anavar
    Dbol ,Trenbolan.

    Im looking to build Mass but would also like to keep most of it id prefer all
    of it with Minimal side effects.(asking alot here)
    Any advice would be much apprciated.

    i also have Clomid for the end of what ever i decide to use


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    Deca pretty much stacks well with anything - winny, sus, anavar , tests

    wouldn't recommend the anadrol (most people on this board prefer not to use them, i traded them in for d-bol myself).

    as for the side effects - live with it while you're on, and they'll go away when you get off. plus, have some anti-estrogen's (nolva, proviron , arimidex ) on hand - they'll help to minimize the side effects, but may even tap into your gains.

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    Do test(cyp,enan), deca OR Eq and dbol to get things rollin and you got a good bulking cycle. If this is your first cycle, make sure you have your diet in check (lots of protein,COMPLEX carbs,low fat) and a intense workout regime, make sure you have some form of anti-e's and clomid for post cycle.

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    Originally posted by KeyMastur
    Deca pretty much stacks well with anything - winny, sus, anavar, tests
    Yup couldn't agree more. Dbol , and Deca are one of the most popular and most explosive stacks I have ever seen. Most guys swear by it. Of course, again, anything stacks with deca to get good gains. The reason I like dbol/deca cycle, because dbol is fast acting, and will allow you to see results in the first 4 weeks of taking it, where as deca takes about 3-4 weeks before it even starts to kick in.

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