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Thread: Clen and Women

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    Clen and Women

    My Girlfriend wants to take clen and she is wondering how would it effect her birth control....? or any other side girls might have different than guys...thanks

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    To my knowlede it doesn't affect b-control but search the womens forum to make sure. there's lots of stuff about it on there.

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    i dont think it should have any effect on her b control. First off, clen is a beta antagonist, working to increase the bodys burning of fat by shuttling fatty acids (triglycerides) into the mitochondrion of the cell to be utilized for fuel (ie... it works to take fat and burn it quicker than normal). When its working, and IMO better than any fat burner on the market if use right, it increase body temp slightly. This inturn can cause insomnia, dizziness, increased bp, and other problems... but that is about it. IF used to long thyroid hormones may be effected .... so the 2 on/2 off rule has been shown to work substantially, although I am seeing evidence against it.
    A girl i train is on it now, and is doing great. Up the dosage slowly, id make sure she goes no more than 4 pills at max. at any time while using.
    If her diet and training is right and organized, the fat will literally melt away. BUT she must do some intense cardio and training. Fat just doesnt disappear especially from the areas we all worry about -- stomach and (for women mostly) hips and ass.

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