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Thread: newbie stack

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    newbie stack

    Hi everyone
    I'm trying to get as much info as i can on a first cycle, just wondering if you guys could help, i've read the novice cycles e.g 400mg decca with 500mg sust at 8 week sounds a good bulking cycle which is what i'm after but after reading drug profiles i'm lost. It says 200mg decca is enough for the novice and dont even think about taking test at this stage because your body does'nt need it yet, can anyone help me ,thanks oh stats .5.10 ft about 190lbs training for 3yr thanks

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    You should most definitely take test. Should be the backbone to almost any cycle. You could do test alone, or test deca . It'd be far more effective if you had some more specific ideas. Try the search engine and get back to us is my advice.

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    good, basic newbie cycle:

    30mg dbol 5 weeks
    500mg sust 8 weeks
    .25mg prov 8 weeks

    300mg 1st day (of course 3 weeks after last sust shot)
    100mg 10 days
    50 mg 10 days

    if you want a little more heres a little more than basic, but still can be done as newbie:

    sust 500mg/wk 1-8
    eq 400mg/wk 1-10
    dbol 30mg/ed 1-4
    winny 50mg/ed 7-12
    clomid 300mg/100mg/50mg (1st day/10/10)
    arimidex .25mg/ed 1-15

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    the most pop newbie stack is definatlely the deca 400mg/wk, sus 500mg/wk, and the dbol for weeks 1-4. you'll get great results without alot of sideeffects. only use an anti-e if you're nips get sore.

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    thanks for the replys most of the guys i've asked tell me to go with the test and decca, but when i've read under the drug profiles it says that test is simply not needed for the novice also after looking at the decca profile it mentions that 200mg is enough for the novice so why shoot 400 if 200 will do the job? can any one explain. thankyou.

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    i think that anytime you are looking to make retainable gains you need a good base compound like EQ,Deca , or winny(if it's purely a lean person who wants to be more striated and sculpted).these are compound that where you will keep good amount of gains through proper nutrition, supplementation, and training.NOW, i feel you should use an injectable TEST no matter it, prop, cyp, eth(we're talking basically the same esters here).anythign beyond this is great detailed to your finite say i want mass is to say i'm gonna do deca,dbol , say i want to prioritize my training so that i can detail this bodypart, lower this % of BF, or train this way optimally is a more finite goal IMO.there in, you would have to do more research into your own body's ability to adapt to training and these compounds before you go on and choose a specific group of them.just a way to look at things.take it for what it's worth.

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