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Thread: New Anavar User

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    chinups Guest

    New Anavar User

    I am starting a cycle of anavar (first cycle ever), I know what mgs I will be doing a day. Anything anyone want to add. Any suggestions. should I take anything after and is there any side affects people have exprienced. I read the boards and have basic knowledge but need some advice.

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    djdjdjddjon's Avatar
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    i think the stuff is pretty much usless unless your using it to bridge, what are you goals? what do you plan on getting out of it?

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    chinups Guest
    I am looking for strictly cutting. And from what I hear you can get some power. I am not bridging. This is my first time with any anabolics.

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    chinups, from what i heard run your anavar with creatine and depending on your dosage, I heard Ananvar can shut you down so Clomid after your cycle to be on the safe side. (Just from what I have researched) Plenty of info on anavar just research bro.


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    chinups Guest
    I have been reading for days. I think I know what to do, but it seems getting your hands on some good shit or even real shit is hard.

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    chinups Guest
    First time guy. Training for 8 yrs naturally and looking for my first cycle and want it to be anavar because the sides are low and it is a weak steroid . HELP!

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    Stacks are mandatory in MY OPINION. Wether it's your first time or not. I would add some deca or EQ at 300-400mg, both are very mild in side effects and the combination of the Var will produce faaarrrrr better gains. Nut

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    chinups Guest
    Are you saying there would be no gains with just VAR, cause that's what I wanted to do just var.

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    I have heard of people making good gains off of Anavar and Creatine only cycles. 50-60mg/Ox ED coupled with good diet and training should result in good gains IMO.

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    chinups Guest
    Now I have to work on getting. I have the formula's. Just got a bathtub of creatine.

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