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    Second Cycle - Repeat

    Hey guys,

    I am a 27 year old guy, 6-1, 200 lbs. I recently completed my first 10 week cycle of the following.

    25mg dbol /day
    400 mg/wk Test - cyp
    400 mg/wk EQ
    Clen cylcle

    My results from this cycle were pretty good, (13lbs of lean muscle) but not what i expected. This is due largely in the fact that i was not consuming more than 240 gms of protein per day and my caloric intake could have been higher. My question is based on the effectiveness of repeating the same cycle a few months after finishing the first, assuming that i maintain a good workout schedule and increase the diet (calorie intake and protein consumption). I have enough gear left to complete another cycle of the same type. Will this work? I appreciate the advice.

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    i dont see why is wouldnt work
    if you up the doses just a tad,it might be better

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    IMO I would maybe throw some deca into that mix... I am on a very similar program right now. JMO


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    You should be ok with the same dosages as long as you have successfully recovered. You may want to up your test slightly since you are at the 200+ mark. After this cycle you may want to trade out EQ for Decca or Tren . Good luck.

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