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    Jesus I am irritable

    Doing a cycle consisting of fina/winny/clen /T3 with some ECA also.

    For some reason I am so very irritable now. I know its not the fina, cause I've been doing that for 5 weeks and just added in the winny, clen and t3 this week.

    I seriosly think its simply from the clen/eca raising my cardiatric rate and just exaust me, so i'm a tierd crab ass.

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    ECA does that to me but anabolics don't

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    Well Ephedrine does that to some people. I have seen it depress some folks like downers do. Try layin off the ECA for a few days see if that helps. If I had to guess I put my money on the ECA stack you are doing.

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    What brand of ECA are you using?

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    Well bro all you need is to throw in some halo and you would have everything in a cycle that makes me irritable. I would think a combo of all those with no test is your recipe for irritability and aggression.

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