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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    my buddy keeps asking me about his first cycle. He wants to know if it will give him solid mass gains (10-15lbs) but keep him pretty ripped. He's already a decent sized dude, he's built like a model though all lean and not too much mass. He says he wants to do....
    wks 1-5 dbol 30mg ed
    wks 4-12 eq 300mg followed by clomid

    I personally told him to add some test to help with the mass but I figured I ask you guys bc you know more than I do about this stuff. It is his first cycle ever and he's roughly 6'0 170 I'd say. He also is pretty stuck on the dbol and eq bc he's a cheap bastard. Let me know what you guys think so I can help him out with all his A/S needs. thanks

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    cheap bastard. I like the guy already. Tell him to ad some t-200. Its the cheapest test you can get. Also he needs to start the eq and test on week 1. I would skip the Dbol first time around. The sides are harsh and its not that cheap (unless you get ref-b).

    Run it like this. My first cycle was identical. My second just had slightly higher doses

    week 1-10 test @ 400-500mg
    week 1-10 eq @ 400mg
    week 1-4 dbol @35mg (only if he still insists)
    clomid therapy and have nolva on hand. Plus Ala for the Dbol

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    Thanks Ron for the quick reply, I'll let him know.

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