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    Question What would be a great newbie stack??

    I was thinking of using Deca and Sust.....but now i have been reading that Sust isnt good for beginners??

    i was going to do:

    200mg- Deca for 6 weeks
    250mg- Sust every 10 days for about 6 weeks

    I was only thinking of doing this because of the price...little cheaper then other cycles! Im a college student living paycheck to paycheck basically!!

    Can anyone help me out??


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    Do some research. 6 weeks of either isn't going to do much if anything for you. If you are going to do this save your money up until you can afford a quality cycle that you will be happy with the results. In the mean time do some reseach on this board and you will be more than able to put together cycle that will give you what you want.

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    Just research a little more and look at other people's past results. You should have a minimum of 8 weeks but I suggest a 10 week cycle.

    10 weeks of 300mg Deca , 400mg Test. Clomid post cycle. Should cost about $250-$300 with a domestic source.

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    I would stack some smilax with some dibenstacide. good stuff. if your up to it, throw some animal stack pills in there. good luck.

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