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    ECA..?? what mg does it consist of...?

    hey brotha's need some info on ECA....
    what mg is effective in fat burning, i have the ephedrine already in 25mg pills.... i have the caffience in 100mg pills.... do i really need the aspirin... and if so do i just buy the generic Aspirin bottle from a pharmacy??? and what amounts should i be taking all these pills?? E:25mg C:100mg A:200mg ....??? twice daily, not too sure , can someone plz help.. i wanna burn the most fat possiible, thanks in advance!!

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    Yes just plain old aspirin. As for the dose you have them right. Just start out slow, I usually take it 3 times a day 1 in the morning 1 at lunch and 1 around 3:00. If I take it after 3:00 I have a hard time sleeping

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    200mg caffeine, 20 mg of ephedrine (or in your case 25), and get the enteric coated aspirin or it will eat your stomach up. Take the lowest dose of aspirin they have... it's made for heart patients if not then take an ecotrin with the others.

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