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Thread: pain pain pain

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    pain pain pain

    hello all im a newbie n i just got my eq winny cycle. my first week n already got viens poopn out like crazy. hope my mind is not playin tricks on me. im pretty hard have like a constant pumped feeling. but i have sour shoulders where iv been hittin up any advice is this normal n most important will it go away. damn im pretty sour bet by the way in lookin its well worth it haha no pain no gain. ill keep u guys updated thnx again
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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    It may be the Winny. Winstrol can cause sore joints, dries you up pretty good.

    I don't know how you workout or what kind of pain you are experiencing but something else you may consider is that you might not be using proper form. That can also cause shoulder pain.

    Almost forgot, sleeping on your arm can cause shoulder pain too, which has been linked to rotator cuff injuries.

    Just something for you to ponder.

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    if you're talking about the shots, the winstrol the next day hurts like a bitch. i couldn't even sleep on my ass one time. fuckin winny

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