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    GHB question while cycling

    ok my question is that is GHB better then drinking alcohol cause all the calories and etc and i cant be sober at a club sooo... now i know GHB is a growth horomone realeaser so question being how good of a growth hormone releaser is it .. i know GH is expensive and my budget doesnt allow me to take it. so you think GHB is good alternative and this cycle im gonna do in a few weeks thanks alot guys

    test prop weeks 1-4 100mg ed
    cypinate weeks 1-12 400mg
    EQ weeks 1-12 400mg
    fina weeks 6-13 75mg ed
    winni weeks 6-13 50mg ed

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    GHB, I don't think really does anything for ya as far as releasing GH. An article I read in Muscle and Fitness said a study was done and GH levels never really changed. I think its just an excuse many use to use it.

    As far as not drink while on AS, don't, I would say that yes GHB is a good alternative while on AS, just be careful. I also use it for the same reasons when I go out clubbin.

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    bro firts off G is a alot better choice then any otehr drug out there its not toxic,it converts into water and carbon,u dont build a resistance to it,and u just have to respect it,dont drink alc.with it of course if u dont know that allready then u deserve what u get .make sur it s ghb and not gbl,as for the gh relase it doesnt do anything for u the only thing is when u use it to sleep u fall into ssuch deep sleep,that your body releases more gh then normal not alot just barely a difference.

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    All I can say is GHB send my ass to the hospital.

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    I would say its a great choice over alcohol, i use it every time bro. Just be smart with it dont drink while you are on it "thats when you get sick".
    Anywhere from 2-3ml and youll be good to go for the night. As far as GH release i am not too sure about that, however my workouts are very intense the day after and i feel much stronger.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Anything you use in excess is going to come back around and bite you in the @ss. GHB is a great alternative to drinking IMO. I know that when I drink I feel like sh*t the day after, with G I'm good to go.

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    I use it as an alternative to alcohol sometimes. Just have to be careful with it.

    As for growth hormone release, in my opinion, it isn't enough to make any kind of difference. Also, I think the only reason it releases GH is because it can put you into such a deep sleep.

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    Bros i take the use of GHB very personal. Wont go into it, as i did on another BB forum. But the only thing GHB is good for is to get fuked up on!! Its in the same category of illegal drugs as herion, x and cocaine! And where i am they use it more as a rec' drug then anything else. And if u claim u use it to help u sleep?!? U can use Excedrine PM, Niteall and a few other products u can get over the counter to help u sleep. U can even smoke a bowl to help u sleep and eat.. Stay away from it is my opinion and experience!
    Read these two stories about it when u guys have a chance...


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    Hey Sub I've been using G for years and personally think it works synergistically with steroids . Although I can't quote the article exactly the most recent study showed that in two groups of men over the age of 21, both weight training and only 1 using ghb before sleep the group taking the G showed a slight increase in circulating GH levels. Although the GH increase lasted about 6 weeks meaning you should cycle the G and not use it all the time unless of couse you want to be high all day!

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    About the only thing useful is that it gives you a sound sleep, and that is of course importand in growth

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    If you get the legit GHB then its good to go as far as not being toxic.

    The catch, now that its on the black market made by unknown chemists, you just don't know if what you are getting is pure.

    I like it. But buyer beware.

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    man i used to freakin love g! tried to quit drinking but then i started g'n all the time

    i only rock it occasionally now
    crossin over....oh no...wake up feelin like $10000000000000000

    be CAREFUL!

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