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    i just wanted to post a hello message. i didn't really know which forum was appropriate so i just picked this one.

    i have a bunch of questions but am a bit reluctant to ask them befor reading more from the education forum. in all honesty though, i'm totally lost in a lot of the lingo...=P

    anyways, i'm 22 years old. i'm 5'8'' and weight only 145lbs. when i was 17 i was the same size but i took massive amounts of creatine and worked out everyday and got my bench up to 225lbs (which i thought was pretty good). college made me into an out of shape bum who only cared about hanging out with chicks and getting drunk... well i'm working out again, everyday for at least 2 hours...and i have to say, i'm curious about "gear"...(thats roids, right? =P).

    where should i go for info about what cycle would be right for someone my size? i mean, i looked on the "cycles for novices" page, but i totally don't know how to read it or what it means or which one i should pick.

    thanks for the help,

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    First welcome to the board bro. Just hang out read a few post and soon you will have the hang of things. The people here are great and im sure you will fit right in!

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    that was a good way to get going around here "bro" =friend
    yes gear is roids
    at your size im guessing you looking to "bulk" or "mass" cycle.
    welcome and dont be afriad to ask questions(after reading the board rules and educational threads)

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    Yes sir, welcome. Research is the key. Use it.

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    I was recently in the same boat as you. But after spending the past two weeks on these boards for hours upon hours I have picked up some quality information and there is a HELL of a lot more in here. So I suggest reading everything especially the educational threads. Before you know it you'll be addicted to this site. Welcome to the board.


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    Welcome to AR brotha. Like everyone said read as much as you can everyday and the knowledge will come quickly.

    Just one thing. At your size you still have quite a bit of natural potential before you need "gear." Plus you should work out for at least a year straight before you think of using roids IMO <--- In My Opinion

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    i'm in the same boat as u man, used to lift alot, was in good shape, college made me fat and lazy

    just gettin back into it again (this time with help!)

    good luck with the body renovations

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