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    somewhere in the middle

    gh first goes nothin

    thinkin of running it for 6 months at 4 iu a day
    wanna mix in some slin,deca ,anadrol ,primo,eq,sust,and winny
    i wanna run the sust @ 500mg a week
    deca@ 300mg week
    primo@ 200mg week
    eq @ 200mg week
    and anadrol the first 6 weeks @ 50mg A day
    im gonna do 2 iu in the morning and 2 post wkout of slin
    then throw in winny the last 3 months for hardening purposes

    have done a few cycles here and there but never messed with slin or gh

    what kind of gains should i expect

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    bro, you sound like you should wait for that. slin and gh are not for the inexperienced and can fuck you up bad if not done correctly. the "few cycles here and there" tells me that you're pretty much still a "rookie" like much of us on this board.

    unless of course you were just namin shit just to fuck around.......which is also what this thread sounds like, especially since it's your first ???

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    Jul 2002
    somewhere in the middle
    it is only my first post because i have been a member of a few other boards and just decided to join this one...
    im not spitting bs...just stating that i plan on using it in the near future....and wanted some opinions on what would give me the best results..
    thanx for you reply really gives me an idea of what kind of people are on this board!!!!!

    oh i forgot, dont assume things you dont know because it makes you sound like an ASS!!!

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    bro tke it does sound like a bit much for having done a couple cycles here and there. Thats what he was trying to say, as well as IT DOES sound like you could have been fucking around with us.

    He and i and everyone else on this board will look out for you health and best interest

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    Hey bro....okay first off I use HGH and plan on using it for a loooong time for many reasons.

    One thing I do know about HGH is that if bulk is your goal you need to take HEAVY androgens and you do not have that laid out in your plan.

    Also if you are new to using honestly bro you would be better off taking the large amount of $$ you will spend on the HGH and use it to build a better cycle.

    HGH can and is great stuff but really I see no need to use it for begginers UNLESS you are older like over say 40 and wanting to use it for anti-aging properties?

    Just my thoughts?

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    hmmm, deca ,eq,and primo together. I think you need to do some research.

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