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Thread: Fina Pellets

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    Fina Pellets

    I'm new to the board and have been training for 9 years and am pretty sure I'm ready to come over to the dark side. Anyways I've been doing research getting ready to put together my first cycle and I just have a couple of Fina questions:
    Is the Fina everyone talks about on this board the finaplix pellets ?
    and if so I'm a little iffy about the sanitary issues involved with crushing them and making my own injectable, so do you think the method of mixing them with some DMSO and water and taking them that way would be effective?
    Any other tifbits on fina would be helpful.
    Thanks in Advance

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    I think a lot of people wouldn't recommend fina as a first time cycle, but it's been done before.

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    do a search

    There a great thread called "everything you wanted to know about fina" the thread has all the info you need. From what I understand making fina is pretty easy and sanitary. As topical app, the stuff stinks bro. Check out the thread.

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