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    Question How good is prop for cutting really?

    I want to cut on my next cycle with fina,winny, (75,50ED)and some prop.

    I want to add prop to avoid fina dick, and well- just 'cuz test is so damn good
    I want to avoid any bloat if possible, and I get a fair bit of bloat on Enth (even with 0.5mg liquidex), although not nearly as bad as Omna.

    So I'm wondering how much prop I could run without getting appreciable bloat. I was thinking of 50 mg/day.

    And I won't have any liquidex due to $$$ issues.


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    Hey Lush, sence you're doing fina and winny I'm going to assume this isn't you frist cycle. I've heard 75-100mg of prop ed or eod, but there are different thoughts on this. I would think with the fina and winny, you wouldn't bloat much, if at all. But you know your body best, the good thing about prop is it's out of your system in about 3 days so if you do bloat, lower the dose and in 3-4 days you should see a change, JMO. I'm sure you'll get some more input.


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    i was under the impression that prop did not retain water, is bloat somthing different entirely?

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    you could possibly get away with 50 mg EOD depending on your body's natural test levels.

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    100mg ed and postpone your cycle until you get some liquidex if bloat is an issue....bottom line is ALL test converts to estrogen unless you take something for it....prop tends to be the best in that department but it is not 100% for everyone. IMO 50mg eod is not very good at all b/c that is an avg of 175mg/w and barely above what your body is producing now....assuming you have normal values....Also from my experience ed shots work WAY better than eod......I actually get better results from 50mg ed than 200mg eod.

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