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    d-bol/sust cycle

    I am 5-8, 165 lbs, about 10%bf. I've done a couple of hardening and strength cycles. Now I'm look to do a mass cycle. I want 15 hard, keepable pounds. This is what I was looking at:

    d-bol ---- 35mgs ed, weeks 1-4
    sust250 --- 250mg every 5 days, 8 weeks
    winny --- 50 mg eod, ?
    clomid --- 3 weeks after sust fin--300mg, 150mg, then 50mg for 2 weeks

    questions: When should I throw in the winny and for how long? Will I see a greater difference if I bumped the sust. to 500mg. week and will the side effects be worse than if I used 250mg? Also, would anyone recommend subbing the sust with test anthenate? If so, at what dosage? would clomid start the same with t-200 as with sust?

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    Not to be intended as a flame bro but you have done a couple cycles and you are 165lbs @10%bf???

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    throw in some deca or EQ(400mg/wk) and take the winny out. Increase your cycle to 10-12 wks! good luck!

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    if you never did dbol before you dont need 35mg ed, try 20 or 25 and see the results, probably be the same @ 35. sust looks fine, and toss in the winny weeks 8-12 or 15, it'll help you stay hard and keep a portion of your gains. although your cycle isn't very heavy, dbol will shut you down and sust will help keep it that way, have some clomid around and some anti-e for that dbol. clomid should be started 3rd week after your last sust injection, but if your doing winny right afterwards do it the day after your last winny tab/injection. and throwing in test enant isn't really necessary, if your a novice and havn't done many cycles i think you'll grow just fine on dbol/sust/winny, good luck

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    First off you should without a doubt bump the test up to 500 mg a week and if you have your mind set on sust then do it every mon/thurs otherwise you won't get the full effect of the prop if you wait so long between injections. Personally I like enanthate , but it depends on the individual. Also take the others advice and add deca or eq, and dump the winnny.
    1-4 d-bol 40 mg ed
    1-8 sust 500 mg ew
    1-8 deca 400 mg ew
    Very common and effective cycle I like eq more, but it's all about preference. Good luck bro!

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