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    ive Read alot on this Site Great info BUT now

    Im More Confused Then ever
    Im asking for opions from your experiences
    This would be my 2nd cycle .Deca and anavar was first.
    I would like to know if i should go with EQ and Test Enan
    Or use EQ and Sust or subsitute the EQ with Deca? ?
    Any help would be Great
    Thanks in advance

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    Hey bro. Welcome to the board! This is kind of an easy one so i think i can give u some advice.

    First off, u really want test to be the base of any cycle. Then u need to make the decision between EQ and Deca . Now that depends on what ur looking for? For bulk? Deca. Harder more vascular? EQ. Annnd u would never want to do both EQ and Deca together. Im sure there are bros on here that know more then me will tell u why. And u would want to throw some dbol in there to jump start the cycle. And dont forget Clomid for post cycle and Nolv on hand just incase. So if uv done ur research u should be able to answer ur own questions....
    Hope this helped?


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    Your Girls House
    this is what i have in my possesion now
    Deca ,EQ,Enat,Clomid,Armidex,10 Vials of Sust

    Im 225 and 6 ft tall looking to put on about 20 more pounds
    then for my 3rd cycle cut up with anavar and either EQ or Winny
    i think ill go with the Deca and the Test Enat.
    Thats what im thinking anyhow You guys are the experts

    This site and all your posts have helped a ton and again Thanks

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    Eq,test, and winny is a bad ass cycle.

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