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    looking to add mass

    first cycle, and looking to add mass. thinking of stacking dbol and deca . would anyone recommend something else?

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    bro do your self a favor and research this a bit,honestly for your own good,sounds to me taht your kinda clueless no flame intended bro ,sounds like what you heard from the gym ,dbol and deca ,are like the 2 most popular sustances.

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    Hey bro, I'm definately with Big N on this one do a little research on your own, and then ask questions if you're not sure and want to clarify things. I'm sure everything you need to know is just a click of a button away.. Do the research, and you have to post your stats bro. Height, weight, training experience, and the all important diet.. As for gear I wouldn't make any recomendations to you cause like you I'm still a newbie. I will tell you that my first cycle was:
    500mg Test Cyp
    400mg Deca
    50mg Dbol
    Take the time first make sure you got everything in check before you cycle (Diet, Training, Sleep, DON'T start without ANTI E'S). Cause Tit's on a man look silly. (Who said that??) That way you can do your first cycle properly, and take full advantage of all the properties of the gear..
    Make sure you read up on ANTI E's, and Injection sites.

    Probably not what you were expecting to hear, but better learn, and be safe then be sorry.

    Good Luck Growing, and WELCOME to AR bro!!!!!

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    Re: looking to add mass

    Originally posted by Akademic
    first cycle, and looking to add mass. thinking of stacking dbol and deca. would anyone recommend something else?

    Okay I do not feel the same as the other do.

    What I want to know is how old are you.
    And body fat and goals...

    MOST of all as above AGE!!!!

    Then tell me what you have that you can get and I will be glad to give you my non-medical background opinion on what has worked for me and others I know.

    Sound cool??

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