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    Lightbulb B Cycles and proper way of injecting needles

    Hi there,
    I have two questions really. I would like to ask if anyone could help me know how to cycle Vitamin B? I heard that there are bodybuilders that cycle injectable Vitamine B is that true, how & why?
    The second question is when injecting a steriods needle do you have to actually suck blood into the vial and then push the juice or is just enough to insert and straight away push the juice out ?
    Thanks for whoever answers and I am grateful for your help.
    Most Sincerely,

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    I know one thing for sure,
    YOU SHOULD NOT INJECT IN THE BLOOD... but in the muscle!
    When injecting, make sure there is no blood coming out when you suck in to the vial. There should only be a bubble, if so then its the right spot! You have hit a muscle!

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    sigh, this could have been answered easly on the main page 'injection info'. you dont pull back (asperate) the needle till air comes into th syring, you pull back very slightly, if no blood comes in, your all set to inject. check out they have some nice info

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