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    Thumbs up T200,Fina and Sust cycle. What do you think?

    I am 6'2 210 and Have done one half ass cycle off T200 and deca but my football coach found the shit and started to test me. Now that I have his trust back I want a cycle for this upcoming season.
    Week 1-8 Tes 200 400/mg week
    Week 1-5 Sus 250 250/mg week
    week 1-3 Reforvit b 25/mg day
    Week 1-4 Fina 75/mg ed

    Then I would end with clomid. Is that just a dumb ass cycle and all I will do is fuck my self up or will it be pretty good? I dont want to add deca because of deca dick and with school starting next month I dont want to risk anything. So I would like comments even if they are telling me I am a dumb ass. ANYBODY ELSE IN HERE GOING TO UNIVERISTY OF ARIZONA?

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    What are your goals?
    From what I see, I'd lose the Sust@250mg wk. Its a waste really. And I would stack with deca because it goes with test and as far as deca dick, the test should take care of that for ya!

    Other than that you should be alright, drink plenty of water and have nolva on hand in case of gyno! Keep your diet clean, as AS is a tool and when used incorrectly it doesn't really work! Good luck!

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    no doubt, lose the t200 or sust, no need for the t200 @ 2ccs though, $.02

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