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    Cutting Cycle Results

    Cycle looked like

    wk 1 - 8 EQ 400mg
    wk 1 - 8 Test Enanthate 250 mg
    wk 4 - 10 50 mg Tren (ED)

    Started at 265lbs and 15% Body Fat eating approximately 3000 kcals a day...

    Wk 8 results:

    277 lbs 11% bf

    23 lbs of lean weight gain and 10lbs of fat loss... The cool thing is that I put about 1/2 inch on my biceps and they got way more cut (18 3/4"... need 20s)

    I have about 2.5 weeks of Tren left before clomid... Should I keep cals the same or try to cut even more?????

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    depends on what you think? look at yourself, you wanna get more cut? then hook it up, if not keep the calories constant and sit back to watch the results...nice work and good luck!

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