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    Question Is it OK to inject Test Enth. once a week?

    I plan to do a cycle with 500mg Test Enth/week, some dbol at the first 4 weeks and Ox after that. Since I've had my share with scar tissues in the past I plan to shoot all 500mg at once every week. I think it shouldn't be too much of a problem since it is a long half life drug. I know some of you prefer to shoot it twice for steadier effects and constant blood levels, but do you think the difference is considerable? Should I expect less gains and/or more sides if I decide to inject once?

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    Look at it this way if you're worried about scar tissue - you have many places to shoot it. There's 4 main that I would cover that would give you at a 2 week grace period: quads & glutes. First week use the quads, second week use the glutes, and then third week start all over.

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    hey bro,
    if you know that shooting twice a week is better, then we wont go into all that.
    that being said, once a week is acceptable. enanthate is a long chain ester so for the first 3-4 weeks you wont be seeing much anyways. blood levels wont be as constant, but results will still be there.
    im glad to see you planned on some dbol in the beginning, as this will ease the pain of waiting.............
    and the ox towards the end should solidify things nicely. good luck.

    peace bb79

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