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    newbie needs advice!!

    hello to all. great sight! i have been educating myself lately and this board is great for learning. this is my situation. i have been training now for 8yrs. i am 5'9" 170lbs. with 10%bf. i have a few concerns.

    1st: my goal is to pack on some good quality muscle. i am wanting to take EQ only. i plan on 400mg per week. i know i should stack it with test or something but i have read a little from guys still getting pretty good results with EQ only.

    2nd: i have a very professional job and random drug testing occurs. i have heard that they probably dont even test for AS due to the cost, just narcotics. any insight or thoughts here are appreciated too. also, i heard that some oil based AS are not easily detected by tests anyway. is that true?

    3rd: is ************.com really a "legit" website?

    thanks again to all! i will be learning more before i actually start this!!


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    Well first off, welcome to the best board on the net. Secondly EQ only cycles do work, but you will gain little wait, but quality muscle. You dont have to worry about your work testing for EQ, but to answer your comment in regards to oil based AAS not showing up, EQ is the exact opposite. It would show up for months to come following your cycle

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