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Thread: cycle help.

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    cycle help.

    Want to bulk up alittle but also cut up alittle. This will be my 3rd or 4th cycle. Stats are 20 years old, 5' 9'' 185 at like 17% bf. Cycle i was thinking, but sure if it would work with the dnp , but thought it would be a good idea.

    Fina - 75mg/day
    prop - 100mg/day
    winny - 50mg/day
    dnp - 200mg/day

    figured run this cycle for 7 weeks, run the dnp clear though as well. Hoping to drop some fat and gain some muscle. I know i've read not to use dnp while on a cycle, but even 200mg's isn't that much, figured it would give me that extra lose im looking for. What do you guys think. I've used dnp before so it won't be a new thing.

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    This is a cut cycle. Don't try to bulk on it. Try to take your BF down to single digits. Keep your protein high. This is summer you can bulk up during the winter. Besides you will look much bigger with less body fat and more muscle showing.

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    Hey Bro I hear a lot of bad shit about dnp , you might want to reconsider using it, unless you are totally schooled up on it. I suggest doing some heavy research on it. JMO

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