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    Doing cardio while on mass cycle??

    I have a quick question: Starting a mass cycle of Sust , deca and d-boll. I have a little fat I would like to lose though. Can I still do cardio while on this cycle or will that hinder my gains alot? Also is it wise to mix in some Clen and Hydroxy with this cycle or wait and do a slimming cycle after? Thanks.

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    no point. if your bulking then bulk, if your cutting then cut, doing both at the same time is needless. for your body to gain muscle you have to have an excess of calories, by doing cardio you are depriving your body of those excess calories by burning them...bulk up then cut, or cut up now and save your cycle for later. dont get me wrong you can do cardio and cycle and get results and lose bf, but your gains will not be nearly as good as if you didnt do cardio. there was a post a week ago or so about how they did a study with people who did cardio and trained and those who didn't do cardio and trained and they found that the people who did do cardio didn't gain as much as those who didn't, just something to think about, good luck

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    personally I will ALWAYs do some light cardio at the very least so I do not feel out of shape at the end of my bulk cycle. Just 15-25 minutes 3 times per week.


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    definetly some light cardio and cruches u dont ewant to have that steroid gut showing

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    Your best bet for keeping mass building calories in you and burnign the fat is to do about 45 minutes of low intensity first thing in the morning. Fast walking, cycling, or stepping. again keep the intensity low.


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