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    help me log on to the board

    hey guys,is anyone having trouble getting logged on to the board?
    im signing on for 2 days now and cant,i fill in my username and password and it accepts it for a second the tells me to log on again and this continues.i have my cookies enabled! if there is someone with computer knowlege or if someone else is having this problem please tell me how to fix it,please.
    sorry for taking up board space with this but i was finally able to get on this morning,and i need some help,because i know this afternoon i wont be able to get back on.some times i can but most of the time i cant,help

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    Bro same thing has been happening to me for a few weeks. I am currently using a different browser when signing in and it has worked.

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    that happens to me also using internet explorer cookies are enabled. it happens when i check my email and go here though a link so i have to exit my email and go back in here to post

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