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Thread: Eq cycle info

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    Jul 2002

    Eq cycle info

    Do d-bol and winny tabs go well with Eq?

    20mg d-bol wk1-4
    50mg winny wk 5-8
    200-400 mg Eq wk 1-8

    sound ok?

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    Jul 2002
    also, when do I start clomid after done with Eq?
    how long after?

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    Jun 2002
    try this instead...

    35mg d-bol wk1-4
    50mg winny wk 9-13
    200-400 mg Eq wk 1-10

    Sounds better to me, this way you have a little more time in between orals, and at the end you can fill the gap in between your last EQ inj and the clomid

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    Yes bro, Dbols and/or winni tabs will stack well with MOST AS. really shouldn't be running dbol & winni without at LEAST a 5 week break, so your liver can get back to normal. Many bros will even tell you to NOT run them together at all, but that's your decision to make. As for the cycle, I really feel you should add some test in there as your BASE.

    EQ is said to be best ran for at least 10 weeks @ a dosage of 400mg/week for the novice user. If you are running EQ in a cycle then clomid should be starting 3 weeks after your last EQ inject.

    Hope this helps some bro!

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    bro id redo the cycle if i were u definatle runs ome test,its the base for everything.running the dboll and the winn will be pretty tocic to the liver ,they are both 17 alk.
    1-3 30mg dbol
    1-8 400eq
    1-8 400 test
    6-11 50mg winny
    just a suggestion

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    big n right on buddy. i would do it the same way.

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