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    Testoprim Cycle update

    hey guys... I am starting my 3rd week with testoprim-d. I have gained 6lbs. I haven't stacked anything with it... I wanted to see how my body reacts. This stuff burns so bad and hurts for a week after you inject so I am kind of pissed. I am eating well and supplementing.. I think I am going to hid back down south to stack another one or just change my cycle. The real way to learn is to experience...right? I have questions. 1. Do i go to Vet stores for a better selection of juice?
    2. What would happen if I was caught with this stuff coming back to the USA?
    3. anyone able to tell me of a place that they know of where I can get decadurabolin, cheap in a big dose.
    Thanks guys.

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    i dont know exactly where you heading to but alot
    places in mexico you can stuff without
    prescription, if decide to get human decadurabolin go to any drug store and ask them the stuff you want to get without scripts they will tell you
    what yoy can get, had a script for a certain item which they didnt have were more than happy to get something else, they offered me sust250 but i wanted to try different stuff,
    i'm not messing around i'm not saying this happen's all over mexico, different places, prices ,rules but still legal to all of us cool....

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